Thursday, 12 April 2012

SNOOP: The Smokable Songbook

Snoop is never one to market things in a traditional way, which is why he is a favourite of mine when looking at how brands & bands work together.

He is well known as a fan of smoking - with his own Snoop Dogg Master Kush marijuana, a line of cigars called ‘Executive Class’, and now a line of Kingsize rolling papers. And in true Snoop style, rather than just release an ad for his papers, he has now released the Snoop Dogg Smokable Songbook.

Each perforated page of the book is a king size rolling paper itself, and each page also has Snoop song lyrics printed on it in non-toxic ink (to keep you healthy!). Plus, the spine is like the side of a matchbox, so that you can strike a match on it.

Snoop is also looking to sample the papers at this year’s Coachella festival – through pole posters which will have the rolling papers as detachable tabs.

Rolling Words: Snoop Dogg's Smokable Book from Projeto Winner on Vimeo.

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BRANDS & BANDS: Buy what Diplo wears

Online fashion store, Ssense, has created what is thought to be the world’s first shoppable music video.

The video, for "I Think She's Ready" from 21 year old Aussie Iggy Azalea (of Pu$$y fame - see vid below) and Diplo, sees the artists styled by Ssense in outfits from designer brands they stock - including Phillip Lim, Givency and Alexander McQueen

As you watch the music video on the Ssense website, you can hover over items in the video to bring up more info on what the artist is wearing – before then clicking through to purchase their clothes, accessories, shoes etc online.

Iggy Azalea & Diplo - I Think She's Ready (non shoppable version - click here for interactive version)

Iggy Azalea - Pu$$y
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Thursday, 16 February 2012

BRANDS & BANDS: Guetta's HP deal - set up by his wife

One of my favourite quotes from any musician comes from David Guetta - "I'm not trying to be credible I'm trying to be incredible" (I know, right?!) and it's always interesting to watch what an artist who has no interest in credibility does when it comes to brand endorsement deals.

Last year, Guetta and HP joined forced to launch the HP Touchpad – with Guetta appearing in the advertising for it, and including the Touchpad in 2 of his music videos.

This partnership is continuing in 2012, with the announcement this week that HP will launch a branded web series on March 6 (via Dailymotion and Guetta's Youtube channel) to promote its laptops and headphones. The episodes will follow Guetta as he tours Europe. And will also show his wife, Cathy, as she shops while he DJs.

Seeing his wife's shopping expeditions listed in the content made me question whether there was also a fashion brand behind this content... but as I looked into the deal further I found a much clearer explanation. The deal was done through a brand endorsement agency called My Love Affair – which happens to be run by Cathy Guetta. So she has included her own perks into his endorsement deal! Smart lady.
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