Tuesday, 24 July 2007

From Corey Mania to Clockwork Orange

"Corey Mania" kicked off in the late 80s with The Lost Boys, and it's about to return! Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are teaming up again to revive "Corey Mania" in a new fauxality show. The show centres around the single and unemployed Haim moving in with the married and working Feldman. Being not quite as young, or cute, as they were 20 years ago, my sources have compared the show to "The Odd Couple".. but with more hair product.

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You may have seen recent photos of Courtney Love, and her so-called "surgically enhanced" face and body. Well Miss Love is on tour in the US, but one website has reported that it wasn't just Courtney's closest 150 MySpace friends that were in attendance at a recent gig... jailbird Paris Hilton showed up as well! It is also reported that when Courtney Love noticed Paris in the crowd, she flashed the finger at her, and Paris was then seen leaving the gig in tears.

Other stories on the Hilton heiress can be found all over the place, including one which talks about her attempts to make new friends following her release from jail. Allegedly, Paris wanted to be best friends with Victoria Beckham, who has recently moved to LA, telling the London Sun: "I just know Victoria and I would get along. we could be soul mates". To which Posh replied "We couldn't be more different! You won't catch me falling out of nightclubs with no knickers on"!

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(Photo: "Victoria Beckham as Futura from 1927 film Metropolis" thanks to Gallery of the Absurd)

Patrick Wolf, who recently toured Australia, has been reportedly trashing Mika, according to one source. In a recent blog post, Patrick Wolf was quoted as saying "Mika is a twat", and goes on to add, "please lets put an end to over marketed, expensive, heartless, tacky, rubbish, autotune, airbrush..." etc etc, and demands "justice for good music and firebrands who refuse to compromise to be popular". And while some bloggers have labelled him as 'jealous', I'm definitely with Patrick on this one.

(Video: Patrick Wolf - Magic Position)

Last up, Malcolm McDowell, who portrayed Alex in a Clockwork Orange, sets the record straight on an Australian website. Rumours have previously circulated that Stanley Kubrick gave McDowell a fear of eyedrops, after Kubrick forced him to keep his eyes open for 24 hours to film the scene where Alex is forced to continually watch a montage of human atrocities. Malcolm is quoted as saying "No! I wish they would take that off the f-ing internet!". Just a reminder to not believe everything you read!

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stu said...

personally, i cannot wait for the coreys new reality show. will it be set in a comic book shop and will they still be amateur vampire hunters?

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