Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Prince has twins

Some celebrities find it hard to be always hounded by paparazzi.
Lily Allen last week discovered a solution which prevents her photo from being taken, and finally hides her from photographers…

After a big night in a London club, Lily jumped into a massive shopping bag, and had her friends carry her down Oxford Street to a waiting car! Genius!

Method Man from Wu-Tang Clan has “rapped about his love for weed, made movies about love for weed, and even chose his nickname because of his love for weed” but after being arrested earlier this year in a marijuana related incident (after smoke was allegedly seen billowing out of his car) Method Man has decided that he is now going to educate New York City high school students about the evils of smoking the drug!

Prince (aka The Artist Formerly Known As Prince) has been seen around London with two girls who have been referred to over the past few weeks as ‘The Twinz’, having refused to reveal their real identities. It has been a while since the original Diamond and Pearl performed with Prince, and he has signed up the twins to act as his backing singers and dancers on his current UK tour.

The Daily Mail in the UK has just blown their cover, letting it slip that The Twinz are Maya and Nandy McClean from Sydney, who both auditioned for Australian Idol back in 2002, with Maya pulling out when her sister wasn’t picked as a finalist.

A soft drink brand in the US has recently put together a series of covers for their website… including a cover of Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ done by Mandy Moore.
Watch it below.
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