Monday, 13 August 2007

Winnie Cooper wants to teach you math

Have you ever wondered what music to pick to get that special someone in the mood? Wonder no more! Scientists have just completed a study on the music that sharks prefer to listen to while mating... and the winning artists are Justin Timberlake and Salt n Pepa! JT's 'Rock Your Body' and Salt n Pepa's 'Push It' both gave great results... however Britney Spears was a let down, with the sharks feeling no more amorous whatsoever after listening to one of her songs.

Danica McKellar (aka Winnie Cooper) has just been named ABC America's 'Person Of The Week', for her efforts in promoting math to young girls. Danica played Winnie in The Wonder Years, and she has made it her mission to stop girls from dumbing themselves down, and to prove to them that it's possible to excel in both the classroom and their social life. Her new book "Math Doesn't Suck" is aiming to demonstrate that "There is no problem with being able to look cute if you want to, and do a math problem".

We might have heard the last ever record from 50 Cent, with reports saying that he is threatening to stop putting out solo albums if Kanye West's new release sells more copies than his! Both albums hit the US on the same date next month... and while reports from iTunes are showing that Kanye's album is way ahead in pre-order numbers betting site BoDog is currently predicting that Fiddy will top Kanye's sales with odds of 2-to-1.

Beyonce has been announced as the face of Emporio Armani's new fragrance, 'Diamonds'. Here she is doing her best Marilyn Monroe, in the advertisement for TV.
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