Friday, 31 August 2007

Friday timewasters

In honor of Sydney's 4 day working-week for APEC next week comes this one...
George Bush is funny

And this, with thanks to Stuart from Fat Planet
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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Older Artists Rock Harder

Britney Spears leaked two new tracks this week (neither of which were very good - including one AWFUL rap, which includes the lines "I'm Britney Spears and I'm shaking my ass, I sign a thousand autographs"! 50 Cent has decided to add his opinion into the debate on the problem with Britney, saying
"Kevin... who is he? She made him a star. If she'd have left his ass in the closet, then he would've stayed, and everything would've been good, exactly the way it needed to everybody knows him, he's out in public and he wants to do a rap record... if she'd have just left that, she'd have been alright."

Perhaps the most exciting radio news this week - Kyle Sandilands is moving overseas! Unfortunately, his overseas move does not mean that we will be freed from hearing Kyle on Australian radio, or from seeing him on Australian Idol. He will be spending more time in the US to support his wife's music career, and will still fly back to film Idol, and will host his daily show via satellite phone.

Kyle's interview with Andrew Denton is being shown on TV soon, and he allegedly tells Denton during the chat that he'd like to punch Dave Hughes in the throat for comments that Hughes made about Kyle at the Logies. Hughes hit back this weekend, releasing
the following apology to Kyle:
"Mr Hughes said : 'I am sincerely and deeply sorry that Kyle Sandilands is a massive dickhead.Mr Hughes hopes that this sincere and unreserved apology will put this ugliness to rest and stop Mr Sandilands from going to jail. Mr Hughes further remarked: 'No one deserves to go to jail just for being a massive dickhead. Massive dickheads have the same rights as normal people. Mr Hughes is not available for further comment on this matter."

The Cure recently toured Australia, but their 3 hour long gigs didn't get the greatest reviews. Coincidently perhaps, The Cure have just scrapped their North American tour, so that they can "remodel/rework the live show for North America, change things around, incorporate new songs", and reschedule the tour for late 2008.

Thurston Moore, of Sonic Youth, told Spin magazine in an interview this week that he believes older artists are edgier. He was quoted as saying "I am playing with Yoko Ono, and she's well past 70 and she rocks. Neil Young rocks. It's certainly not John Mayer or Avril Lavigne. Those people don't rock. If that's the young generation in the culture, then (forget) it. In the underground, the old guys are cool. I like the fact that the older we get the more we can rock."

CBS has put together a list of things that you can do in 82 minutes... the total amount of time that Nicole Richie ended up spending in jail last week!
Ideas included:
* You can order a pizza, have it delivered...and have time to eat it. Which may not be so useful for Nicole Richie!
* You can watch the entire "Simpsons" movie (exactly 82 minutes long)

Now that Green Is The New Black, celebrities are lining up to lend their names to environmental causes. Natalie Portman, Chloe Sevigny and Kyra Sedgwick are three of the latest, who have created a community service TVC to show the US the difference that eco-lighting can make.

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