Monday, 17 September 2007

How Hummers save the environment

Prince is allegedly suing YouTube and eBay over 'unauthorized use of his music and merchandise', in an attempt to 'reclaim his art on the internet'. Surely YouTube is more an amazing promotional tool for any artist? And it seems particularly strange that an artist who would give out his music for free on the front of a UK newspaper, would not want people viewing his videos on the internet!

There aren't many reasons to buy 50 Cent's new album "Curtis"... unless you want to see Ciara near naked. Ciara appears in the album artwork in a skin-coloured g-string, with her legs wrapped around (her rumoured partner) Fiddy.

More celebrities in underwear... She showed off her body in "Sherry Baby", and now Maggie Gyllenhaal (maybe best known for Donnie Darko) is the new face of sexy lingerie label Agent Procovateur. She's done a whole lot of ads for them in her undies.

Fergie Ferg gets a concience. After doing the Live Earth show a few months ago, Fergie decided it was time to help the environment... so she has decided to sell her "pimped out" Hummer on eBay, and donate the money she raises to a charity called Global Green. Bidding is currently at almost $US65,000.
Wouldn't scrapping the Hummer be a better way to save the environment?!

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Sunday, 16 September 2007

Seth Green's take...

Seth Green taking on Chris Cocker from the 'Crying over Britney' video. See the original here.

Seth Green Chris Crocker Outtakes

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