Friday, 4 July 2008

Advertising harms the environment. Use graffiti instead.

I walk to work each day through Kings Cross in Sydney.

I'm bombarded with messages along the way. Posters cover the lightposts, flyers litter the footpaths, ads pop up in bus shelters, and on top of all this is the graffiti that decorates the walls. It's not the cleanest suburb, but I kind of like the character that all of this visual chaos brings to it.

Obviously, on the flip side, none of this is great for the environment. The amount of paper that is used for pole posters, advertisements and flyers is phenomenal, and petrochemical based inks are not made from renewable resources and the presses require a more toxic cleaning process. Then, on the financial side, you're lucky if your message is seen for more than a couple of days as the council ensures that illegally placed messages are ripped down.

Which is why I was excited to hear about GreenGraffiti.

GreenGraffiti creates advertising messages on city streets using high-pressure water and a template, to clean a message out of the dirt. It's long lasting (imagine how long it has been since your suburb's footpaths or walls were last cleaned with a high-pressure hose, and how long it will take for the same level of dirt to build up again in that area and obscure your message), and the organisation is completely carbon neutral.

Ironically, high pressure water is what is often used to remove graffiti. So why not use it to create it?
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1 comment:

Michaella said...

i love this so so much!

can you hire the company to advertise whatever message you like..?! this could be very very fun/damaging!

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