Thursday, 17 July 2008

You should love reality television

Reality television is amazing.

If you sift through Big Brother evictions, Biggest Loser workouts, Idol singalongs, and runaway Bridezillas, you can find real talent.

Such as Robert Muraine.

I caught his SYTYCD audition on Australian television last night. This guy is probably the best popper I have ever seen. Absolutely mind blowing.

Sure, some may argue that there's no better 'reality' than turning off the television and experiencing life. But if it wasn't for reality television, would he ever have found a world-wide audience?

Robert muraine danse
by STILL31

I'm really enjoying the Swizz Beats track used in this performance - It's Me Bitches (Instrumental).
Its Me Bitches (Instrumental) - Swizz Beatz
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Emerald Arts said...

Trying to think what sort of comment I can write about the show without spoiling it in case you haven't watched the same amount of episodes...

It only clicked with me the other day that Nigel Lithgow and Bonnie Lithgow might be related.. or married as the case may be. So Smrt.

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