Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The best magazine cover of all time?

It has been praised by Germaine Greer as being "attention-getting but certainly not obscene", and now Beth Ditto's naked NME cover has been nominated as the best magazine cover ever published.

Magazine Week is running the competition, which will allow online users to vote for the winner.

There are 16 magazine covers nominated it total, including the Vogue Princess Diana tribute issue, and the 1997 Liam Gallagher & Patsy Kensit Vanity Fair cover.
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1 comment:

Emerald Arts said...

Hey Em \m/0_0\m/

You need to make the comment please text bigger, please lady, because I am blind and it took me ages to find it :P

I don't know if I would vote for Beth Ditto's cover, mostly because I don't like her music and Princess Di is way hotter.

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