Thursday, 4 September 2008

You don't make friends with unsolicited emails

Yesterday I received an email from 3D World, a street press in Sydney...
Not so unusual, considering that I subscribe to a bunch of mailing lists from a variety of media and music/film/theatre promoters.

The problem with this one though is that I don't subscribe to the 3D World mailing list.

Their explanation for sending this unsolicited email was:

"Now that the Central Station clan has been married into the 3D World family, we want to include all of you in the benefits of membership, like this weekly dose of dance music goodness... Enjoy, and let us know what you think."

My understanding is that both 3D World and Central Station are owned by Destra.

I am on the mailing list for Central Station - and now that they are part of the same company, 3D World feels as though it is ok to send me their newsletter too.

This 3D World email came to me only a week after I read about their massive security stuff up, where they accidentally exposed the usernames and passwords of over 700 of their members. Doesn't really give you much faith in their systems, does it?

So, 3D World, you wanted to know what I think:
I think that an introduction email would have been better than a 'welcome to our crew' email. Maybe even something that asked for my permission to add me to your mailing list. Please don't assume my preferences. And please don't make me feel as though I am being spammed. I like your street press, but right now I don't have the need for you in my inbox.

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loada said...

Here here! M

Anonymous said...

I was reading somewhere that blogs fall under the "press" category whereas it is legal to add fellow industry types. sucks though 'cause 3d world is so bad.

Michaella said...

Too true! You tell 'em, Em!

Although I have to admit it sometimes happens to me - I accidentally add people to mailing lists without meaning to and then have to remove them when they ask to me taken off. But this sounds pretty well thought out, not at all a mistake!

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