Friday, 25 January 2008

Jerry O'Connell's Tom Cruise parady video

This is a great spoof of the Tom Cruise Scientology induction video.
Jerry O'Connell does Tom's craziness perfectly.

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Monday, 21 January 2008

MTV host Darren McMullen is currently stuck in Brazil, after travelling there for a holiday.
He was due to come back to Australia to film some segments this week, however whilst on the beach in Rio de Janiero he was stopped by uniformed police officers, who were performing a routine check on party drugs. Darren denied having anything on him, but the police confiscated his passport and threatened him with jail if he didn’t pay them off.
A local friend managed to get him out of any trouble, however he is still in Brazil, without a passport!
It’s only a couple of weeks until Carnivale – so I’d hold out until then!

Jona Bechtolt of YACHT is cashing in on the MacBook Air hype.
When Apple unveiled the MacBook Air last week, Steve Jobs showed how thin it was by pulling it out of a manila envelope. After seeing this, Bechtolt and a friend designed a manila envelope-style laptop protection case, made out of vinyl and lined with fleece! They’ve called it AirMail, and you can buy it now from Manila Mac

LA DJ Steve Aoki is not just supermodel Devon Aoki's half-brother... he also has some friends in high places, and he has called upon some of them to contribute to his forthcoming album, ‘Pillowface & His Airplane Chronicles’.
Included on the album are: Klaxons, Justice, Bloc Party, Har Mar Superstar, Spank Rock and Datarock. Even without a heap of talent, Steve Aoki will be able to make a great album with friends like that.
The album is due out in the US on Jan 22 (today).

Steve Aoki with a celebrity who will NOT be on his album

Pete Doherty has been cleaning up his act. Since his split with Kate Moss he’s been trying to get clean, and exercise more.
But the extra exercise has come at a cost – with Doherty now suffering from jogger’s nipple!
His training for this year’s London Marathon has left Doherty with sore nipples, so he has borrowed his new girlfriend Portia Freeman's bra to overcome the problem.

DJ and producer Mark Ronson has said that he is planning to go into the studio this year to collaborate with Amy Winehouse... but it won't be for any ordinary album.

Ronson and Winehouse are talking about "making a holiday record, with Christmas songs on one side and Hanukkah songs on the other... She's got songs called, like, ‘Kosher Kisses’ and ‘Alone Under the Mistletoe.’ She was kind of f*cking around, but I was like, ‘You have all these amazing records to play for Christmas, like Motown and Carla Thomas and the Charlie Brown Christmas, and unfortunately, us Jews have nothing that cool to listen to. So we should do something.”
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