Friday, 7 March 2008

New Santogold

This is a GREAT video.
I've just read on ONTD that the video clip was inspired by the 1973 Alejandro Jodorowsky film "The Holy Mountain". Check out the trailer below... but not if you've just had lunch, or are easily freaked out... and it's probably NSFW.
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Thursday, 6 March 2008


I love the choreography in Janet Jackson's videos, and her new one "Rock with U" is amazing, even though the song itself is a bit blah.

From what I can find out, it looks like Gil Duldulao did it... he's a long time choreographer of Janet's - having more recently done her Feedback video, and Superbowl appearance.

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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Million dollar daddies

If you've got millions of dollars, and your daughter is about to celebrate her second birthday, what do you do for entertainment at her party?

Hire a performing troop of clowns and acrobats, or maybe fly in the Wiggles?

If you're Tom Cruise, you hire DJ Mark Ronson.

Mark made such a good impression on Tom & Katie when he performed at their wedding (particularly with his remix of the Top Gun theme) that Tom wants him back to entertain his little girl and all of her toddler friends.

Update here. Mark says he is not DJing at Suri's party!


In December last year, Bonde do Role announced they were cancelling their Australian tour and rumours of them splitting began circulating. I was devastated, having never seen them perform live before, and having just purchased tickets to their Sydney Festival show at the Hyde Park Barracks.

When it was revealed that the reason for the cancellation was that Marina Vello had left the group, I was sure that we'd never hear from Bonde again. But the remaining members of the group - Pedro D'eyrot and DJ Gorky have kept going... and have recruited not one, but two new bandmates, through a reality TV show on MTV Brasil.

Contestants in the show had to live with D'eyrot and Gorky in the DJ's garage for a week, sing karaoke, and mud wrestle.
Laura Taylor and Ana Bernardino were the finalist from around 100 applicants, and Bonde do Role 2.0 will see them both working alongside the Bonde boys.

Marina is now working on her own solo stuff, and her voice is featured on Edu K's new single, "Me Bota Pra Dançar", out later this month.

Image: Pitchfork

I hate to be a cynic, but while watching a breakfast television show this week, they had an Australian wanna-be pop singer on the show, who was given the opportunity to perform her new single, which is a cover of the 80s Womack and Womack hit, Teardrops, produced by Molly Meldrum.

I started wondering just how this girl was getting so much TV time, considering her performance was AWFUL!! So, I did some research.

Turns out, that the performer in question just happens to be the daughter of one of Australia's largest tour promoters. I wonder if daddy had anything to do with helping along his daughter's dreams?

Make up your own mind. See the performance here.

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The brilliance of the Gem Sweater

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