Thursday, 20 March 2008

The best Mariah Carey song ever written

Don't know Mariah's song 'Ken Lee'?

Listen to it here.

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Monday, 17 March 2008

Divine Eurovision

Important news first off... this week is the last that Michaella Solar-March will be hosting breakfast on FBi Radio. After an amazing few years of 4am starts, Michaella is heading off to bigger and better things. This means that this week is the last OMG with Emily AND Michaella, after which time I will be having a short break too. Keep checking back to find out what is happening!

Sebastian Tellier is going to represent France at this year's Eurovision Song Contest!

Tellier will sing 'Divine' in Belgrade on May 24, and will be up against such talent as 'Dustin the Turkey Puppet' from Ireland, and Dima Bilan from Russia who is back for the second time (after placing second in 2006).

Check out the track here, thanks to The Putz Factory.

Mark Ronson has revealed that his early style influences came from his mother's wardrobe.

He has said that he used to raid his mum's wardrobe when he was younger "looking for flowery print shirts and psychedelic-looking overcoats".

Santogold performed at SXSW on Saturday afternoon.

The set included 'You'll Find A Way', followed by 'LES Artistes' and closed with 'Creator'.

Flanked by her two backing singers, she invited the crowd to name them:

“I need to think of a name for these girls. Would you guys message me on the MySpace with some suggestions for what they should be called?”

Want to get tickets to a festival, but don't have any money?

Well, if you're in Europe, here's a solution:

Sperm for Tickets is an Irish initiative to encourage more men to donate sperm. And they're offering festival tickets as enticement!

Anyone in Europe can get a donation pack, indicate which festival they'd like to attend, then send the containers back via a fast courier.

Nick Cave is getting busy.

He has begun working on a second screenplay, and is also planning to write a second novel.

Cave's first script was for 'The Proposition', and this second one will also be for The Proposition's director - John Hillcoat.

Cave said in an interview with XFM:

"I don't know when it'll get [filmed]. I keep getting asked to do these things but for one reason or another I've been kind of not doing them - but there are certainly things in the pipeline."

And especially for Michaella, to celebrate her last week on FBi, and because I know how much she LURVES Snoop Dogg:

The Comedy Central network announced last week that in 2008-2009 it will show a new animated comedy series featuring Snoop Dogg!
The show does not yet have a title, but it will feature the adventures of a young Snoop while growing up in Long Beach, and will be produced by the rapper too.

Comedy Central's Lauren Corrao said that the channel has been looking to do something with Snoop, as he is "one of those people who truly crosses over between music and comedy".

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