Tuesday, 22 April 2008

OMG is back - with Alex Pye!

This morning heralded the return of OMG with Emily, after a short break while Michaella handed the 'Up For It' breakfast radio reigns over to Alex Pye.

First up, Crystal Castles are being accused of allegedly stealing artwork, by an angry blogger. The blog reports that Crystal Castles are "a pair of stupid kids doing electronica stuff who decided they’d use my art for their first 7” record cover without bothering to seek permission”.

Allegedly the image created by this artist was also used for the Crystal Castles t-shirts, and the band warranted the use saying “we found the image on an old flyer, with no credit, so we didn't know who it belonged to or who to ask... we figured if we used it, the artist would eventually make him/herself known”

Well, the artist alleges that he did make himself know, back in 2006, and that 2 years later Last Gang records are about to release the Crystal Castles CD, as a "banned cover" limited edition, with his cover art.


Kimya Dawson, of Moldy Peaches and Juno soundtrack fame, is reported to be writing music for Sesame Street!

Dawson says: “I’m just a huge, huge fan”, having grown up in the 70s with the show.

Kimya also recently finished a children’s album, titled Alphabutt, in which she actually has kids playing. It will be out in August.

Explaining the concept, Dawson said: “[The songs are] not necessarily anything like a lot of other kids' music that's out there. I think the songs are really free, which is a little different from a lot of other kids' music I've heard. And I think kids will connect with it, musically, 'cause it's actually kids playing. It's really free and kind of wild."

Is MTV actually accusing Santogold of selling out? Santogold has recently got some cash from Bud Light, by allowing her track "Creator" to be used in their new ad (see below). But MTV reports "...with all the credi-buzz(TM), why did Santi sell “Creator” to Bud Light? Maybe no one cares about the whole “selling out” thing anymore"...

Or maybe Santi just needs to make some money? With her new album out in a few weeks, and probably not a whole lotta cash coming in before then, Stereogum jumps to her defence: "even Santogold can't pay rent with indie hipster cred"

French artists The Teenagers are about to make a new music video for their song “Feeling Better”, and are running a competition on their myspace page (www.myspace.com/theteenagers) for a fan to be in the video.

All you have to do is film yourself singing along to the song, and send them the footage.

The deadline is in May, so get onto it quickly if you’re a fan.

George Michael (the singer/songwriter) wants the artist Banksy to paint one of the walls in his North London house. [Banksy is quite well known for his 'underground' art and statements on society and consumerism... such as the fake prehistoric rock art he placed in the British Museum of a caveman and shopping trolley - which went unnoticed for 3 days! I wonder if he'd do something cheeky in GM's place?!]

George Michael has already spent £400,000 on two canvasses from the artist, and has requested Banksy's services at his home.

Banksy has kept his real identity private since he began working as an artist. Even George Michael offering him £2 million to paint the wall in his house wasn’t enough to convince him to allow a member of the public to know who he is, as he will allegedly only work on the project if Michael agrees to leave the property while he's working.


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