Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Coachella wrap-up

One of the big events in the music calendar year was held last weekend in the Californian Desert. Coachella is something that I've always wanted to go to... maybe next year.

Performing artists included MIA. And, just as she did when I saw her perform in Sydney, she invited the crowd to join her on stage during her set - which led to a mid-gig stand off between security and MIA (I'd always bet on MIA to win a stand off too... don't go up against her!)

Around 50 people managed to climb up on stage, which led to security throwing on the house lights in an attempt to clear the stage. MIA repeatedly asked to have the lights turned off, and eventually security and Coachella organisers relented, with half the crowd having left the stage.

Near the end of her set she sang a cover of The Verve's 'The Drugs Don't Work', deliberately outta tune.

More covers at Coachella came from Prince, who Rolling Stone reported was paid almost US$5 million to play at the festival.

Prince performed a cover of Radiohead's 'Creep' in front of one of the biggest crowds ever seen at Coachella's main stage, and played for more than an hour over the midnight finishing time.

(ps. I did want to show you a video of this from YouTube, but it has now been removed. Sorry!)


Photo: NME

One of my favourites at the moment, MGMT, played their first-ever festival slot at Coachella, with a completely packed-out show. (If you haven't heard their album 'Oracular Spectacular', go out and buy it now!)

The crowd spilled out the sides of the Mohave tent, and a VIP crowd watched the band from side of stage, including Agyness Dean and Har Mar Superstar.


Photo: NME

The Black Lips wrapped up the day at Coachella on April 25 by setting fire to their guitars!

They had spoke to NME earlier in the day, and told them that they were using brand new instruments during the show, which they set alight and then smashed to smithereens.


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