Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Castles, Clothing, Rarities

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Crystal Castles were accused by an angry blogger (turns out that it was the original artist, Trevor Brown) of stealing artwork for their album cover.

Now it's not just their artwork that is upsetting people, but their music too. Via a file-sharing community called 8-bit collective, they are being accused of copyright infringement.

The members of this community are saying that there is a huge similarity between a CC track “Insecticon” and a track by Lo-Bat called “My Little Droid Needs a Hand”. They alledge that CC took, used, and rearranged Lo Bat’s song without permission, and then passed it off as their own.

Since this allegation emerged, other community users have studied CC tracks, and have also noticed similarities between the CC track “Love and Caring” and the beat behind “Sunday” by Covox.

It could just be a misunderstanding of Creative Commons licensing though... both the tracks in question are licensed in that way - but even though CC may have been able to use the tracks, doing so without attributing the original source material isn't within the rules. Fingers crossed they get through all this - because I'm still a fan.

Here is Insecticon:

Another celebrity clothing line is on the way. But this one I’m excited about!

After posing for a Marc Jacobs campaign earlier this year, MIA is going to release her own collection of gear!

M.I.A's collection will include bomber jackets, leggings & T-shirts, featuring bold colours and graphic prints.

No word yet on when or where we can see the release. But if you're a fan of M.I.A's style - check out these shots of her and backup dance Cherrie in Sydney label Romance Was Born which she picked up while she was out here last year.

Mirah is an American singer who got a fair amount of airplay on my stereo around a year ago, when she released her album “Joyride : Remixes”, which included a favourite of mine - 'La Familia'.

Fans of Mirah will be excited to hear that she is due to release a rarities compilation on June 24 through Modern Radio, called "The Old Days Feeling".

It collects 14 previously unreleased, out-of-print, and simply hard to find tracks from her catalog, and is being released as part of Modern Radio’s celebrations for it’s ninth anniversary.
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