Thursday, 29 May 2008

Sexy MF - Japattack rmx

If you saw Spank Rock when they were in Australia earlier this year, you probably also caught the amazing Amanda Blank on stage.

This girl from Philly has collaborated with a bunch of amazing artists - not just Spank Rock, but also Ghostface Killah, M.I.A, and Teki Latex.

Check out the remix of Amanda Blank and Pase Rock's Sexy MF by fellow Philadelphia collective 'Japattack'.

Sexy MF - Pase Rock & Amanda Blank (Japattack)

Then, head to Japattack's myspace to hear more goodness.


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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

ET Phone Home

Swedish techno artist Hakan Lidbo is putting together an album titled "Music for Alien Civilisations". His plan is to blast contemporary sounds from earth into space to entertain the aliens... yes, seriously.

The project is coming together with the help of the Swedish Space Corporation, and what space album from Sweden would be complete without The Knife!

The Knife is contributing a track to the album called "Al Jazeera", which is a recording of the mechanics from the insides of computers – hard drives whirring, and electronic beepings.

There will be 12 tracks on the album, which will all be melded into a signal to be transmitted into space on June 4. That same day, Lidbo will also release a CD collection of the tracks.


Photo: Elin Berge

Viral marketing for M Night Shyamalan's new film, The Happening, hit Sydney this month.

A bunch of people congregated in Pitt St Mall and dropped dead on cue. Check out the video below.

This concept is similar to the group freezes that have occured recently in Martin Place in Sydney, Trafalgar Square in London, and Grand Central Station in New York... but rather than being for promotional reasons, they were organised by a group called Improv Everywhere who aim to cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places.

Camera Obscura are heading to Sweden to record the follow up to their last album – Lets Get out of This Country. The band is going to hook up with Bjorn Yttling, of Peter, Bjorn and John, while there to help on the album with string arrangements.

Peter, Bjorn and John are also in the studio working on TWO new albums, for release in the next year. The first is an instrumental album, which contains 10 tracks recorded in the band's native Stockholm and New York.

Being instrumental – there will be no singing, but does contain spoken word content. And whistling is banned!

"We each have our own theme song. Mine has my grandfather telling a story in a local dialect, and John's has a hairdresser from his village telling a story."

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