Friday, 25 July 2008

The story of a breakup

"You do realise I'm breaking up with you, right?"

This is a wonderful new video from Chris Milk, for Gnarls Barkley's latest track 'Who's Gonna Save My Soul?' (Chris was also the director behind Gnarls' 'Gone Daddy Gone' and Kanye's 'Touch The Sky' and 'All Falls Down').

The use of story-telling and dialogue meant that even though this is a very down-tempo track, it had my attention throughout.

And it makes me feel drastically sad for the poor ex-boyfriend.

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Sunday, 20 July 2008

From jail time to Mac time : ex-armed robber is McDonald's finalist

"Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun..."

To celebrate Big Mac's 40th birthday, McDonald's teamed up with MySpace to get burger fans to remix the Big Mac chant.

Nearly 1000 entries were received, and among the five finalists is 29 year old Tamien Bain, who held up a McDonald's store at gunpoint in 1994. He served 12 years in prison for his crime, and it was during this time that he became interested in music, and this interest may now lead to his Big Mac remix being used in a US wide advertising campaign! Ironic, non?

Here is his entry.

Big Mac Chant
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Advertising to Blokes 101

Industrial noises. A muscled young man drops his tools, and wipes the sweat from his brow in slow-motion. He turns, and picks up some food. As he rips off the wrapper in one manly tear, his exhausted expression is replaced by one of relief. He bites into the food, music crescendos...

Sound like a typical food ad for 'blokes'?

If it's not a dirty guy in a workshop, then it's usually another dirty guy on the rugby field, or a super-fit sportsman who has just been kayaking / white water rafting / abseiling and is now hungry.

I personally do not know any guys who would primarily associate themselves with any of the above gender stereotypes. I do however, know lots of guys with a great sense of humour.

I have recently noticed two great 'bloke' food ads in Australia which not only poke fun at these gender stereotypes, but are entertaining as well.

1. Campbell's Warm Tinny
This is a great spoof on 1980s Aussie beer ads. You can hear throwbacks to the old 'I Feel Like A Tooheys' campaign.

2. Four N Twenty Pies Salad Plate
A great dig the stereotypically blokey notion that you don't eat salad with your pie.
Not eating salad presents a predicament - what do you do when the 'ladies' expect you to fill your plate with greens? Four N Twenty's solution is the 'Magic Salad Plate'.

The promotional site at reads:
"Research has practically proven that salad can’t fill the seriously hungry stomach. So why waste time trying? Simply place your delicious Four’N Twenty pie in the area provided on the Four’N Twenty MAGIC SALAD PLATE™ and suddenly with no effort at all it looks like you’re having salad as well!"

The plate gives the illusion of you having salad next to your pie, without needing to contaminate your pastry with lettuce.

If you're a 'bloke' - what do you prefer?
Ads that you can't associate with, or ads that poke fun at the stereotype?
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