Saturday, 11 October 2008


Will Styles - Funktrust

The October long weekend was looking like a terrible time for an outdoor festival... it was cold, rainy, and it didn't seem like people were up for a party.

Luckily, the skies above the city remained rain-free, and Parklife went ahead without any mud, yet with the prerequisite hordes of questionable fashion (last year: fluro, headbands, group costumes... this year: heart-shaped glasses, vests, and more group costumes) and some good tunes.

I have always said that I prefer a side-show to a festival, but Parklife has always been a festival that I walk away from having had a great day. Last year's highlight headliner was M.I.A, and I knew she'd be hard to top this year.

It took FOREVER to get in, meaning that I missed Familjen's set which I was really looking forward to. I did however get to catch loads of music during the remainder of the day - some of the highlights of which were Soulwax's live show, Diplo, Metro Area and amazing sets from some of the locals (special mention to Kato for getting his gear off).

Peaches put on an outrageous show complete with a bunch of costume changes, some of Sydney's great local dancers (Michael Boyd, Jack Mannix, Ms Fitz + more) wearing dildos and corsets, and Peaches shouting to the crowd: "Do you know how old I am? I'm 41. I could be your grandma!"

Michael Boyd


Peaches crowd

The major disappointment of the day was Dizzee Rascal's headliner set. His stage presence was flat, and while the tent was packed with fans, it seemed to be missing energy.


And cheers to Fuzzy for including a bar at the festival that served cocktails, which were SUCH a nice change from cans of sugary vodka. But what happened to the recycling of cans and bottles? The park was a total mess at the end of the event - which was pretty different to Field Day, where punters were encouraged to hand in their cans for a $1 drink voucher.
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