Friday, 31 October 2008

Drop It Like It's Hot

OMG favourite Snoop Dogg hit the Australian shores this week for his tour.

But no Snoop appearance would be complete without a big party - and Arnette sunglasses put it on for him last night at Sydney nightclub Nevermind.

Never has there been such hysteria at the arrival of an artist to a club! Snoop rolled up with his entourage (which included two of the biggest guys I have EVER seen), and on-cue with the DJ's announcement that Snoop was in the house, an entire room of girls in sky-high heels, and some very laid-back-looking guys suddenly lost their shit.

Snoop posed for photos as he walked in, wearing a hooded tracksuit, before being ushered to his roped-off booth, with icebuckets full of vodka and young girls in maid / nurse uniforms wearing Arnettes.

Spot the Snoop

I'm not sure who the DJ on the night was... but you'd think that if you were playing at a Snoop Dogg attended party, you'd try to vary your set, so that you weren't playing half an hour of Snoop hits back-to-back.

An interesting branding night for Arnette. Snoop is a huge name at the moment, and with the amount of publicity surrounding his entry to Australia, he's a good name to have on board from a media perspective. The uniformed girls gave out pairs of the new sunglasses range to everyone in Snoop's booth, and they had a mugshot wall where you could have your photo taken while wearing a loaned pair of Arnettes. The drinks were good, and the club was packed (But I'm guessing that the Arnette staff would have enjoyed the night more if Snoop hadn't made their Marketing Manager leave the night half way through to get him a bucket of KFC!). It's often hard to get people out to a product launch event, but with the lure of Snoop Dogg it's a hard invite to refuse - whether you're a fan or not.
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