Monday, 23 February 2009

Alt AZN Bros read Hackster Runoff

Hipster Runoff is the bible of youth culture for altbros, cool azns, and all fans of American Appy, Steve Aoki and the Cobra Snake.

Everyone at OAF stood still when it was revealed that HRO had been hacked - by someone calling themselves 'Hackster Runoff' who posted the following video...

HIPSTER RUNOFF HACKED from Hackster Runoff on Vimeo.

The hacker also posted ironic Bob Dylan lyrics, alongside emails from the infamous 'Carles' (or CRLS) of HRO fame requesting the hacker send him the password to access the blog again.

And then... this:

Seemingly this is a twitter post from a blog owner lamenting the loss of his cultural voice, posted on HRO by the Hackster. However, when you look closer the story is far more sinister.

Could it be that CRLS hacked his OWN blog?!

Carles' twitter screenshot update shows the trashcan icon. Which only appears when you are logged in to your OWN twitter account.

Is hacking yr own blog the new Cory Kennedy in 09?
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1 comment:

Julian Cole said...

Clearly hacked his own blog,

The tone and writing of Hackster was the same as Carles,If you really hacked his blog would you stay with the same tone.

They would of pulled advertising and deleted all the content on the blog.

Good find on the Twitter trashcan, I didnt pick that up!

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