Wednesday, 22 April 2009

MTV's Earth Day with Cherry Girl

Today is Earth Day, designed to inspire appreciation for the environment. And just in time for Earth Day, comes MTV's Cherry Girl.

Cherry Girl's role is to raise awareness of environmental issues across MTV's range of youth programming. Created by the social responsibility department of MTV Networks International, audiences can find out more about her views on the environment and life at

(I don't know why she works in a dry cleaners... not a very environmentally friendly occupation!)

MTV will launch Cherry Girl today on-air, online and on mobile.

There are lots of opportunities via the website to connect with Cherry Girl on facebook and twitter, and the audience is encouraged to upload photos if they've spotted Cherry Girl out and about.

The major problem is that all the content that is currently online (and easily accessible) is so boring! Why would you launch a new campaign with nothing that engages or entertains the audience? Why would you have a facebook fan page with such exciting status updates as "Cherry Girl is thinking. it's almost tomorrow"...? Yawn!

Her blog only has two entries so far, both of which are pretty pointless and don't engage me at all. The first includes a paragraph that reads:

So, I got out my pad and wrote a note. It said “By sitting in this seat today, April 21st I have become part of the story of this bus. And for this one day, by reading this note, I have agreed to make this bus a better place. All I have to do is say one nice thing to the next person to sit down opposite me. When it’s done, I must sign this paper. I will have made history. And I am a great person. And the sun will shine extra hard on my head today.”

Ummm... ok.

The website promises so much - with Cherry Girl being described as "Our newest, sexiest, freakiest girl and she is about to go global". And yet, any content that is posted by Cherry Girl herself is bland.

MTV do some great social campaigns (I am a huge fan and supporter of MTV Exit which aims to prevent human trafficking), but Cherry Girl is not one of them.
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Jess said...

Geez - that's a pity. Though it does make me feel better about blogging about pulling make-up out of the toilet as an act of conservation.

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