Thursday, 19 November 2009

Matthew Herbert's Pig Project

Matthew Herbert’s new album, titled ‘One Pig’, is going to chart the life of a pig from birth to death, and Herbert will record all the sounds made during this pig’s existence (and afterwards).

It is part of a project he is working on to create three albums out of one thing.

According to Herbert's website:
The first is called 'one one' and is a low-key collection of songs where Matthew is playing everything himself, and even singing. it will be finished this year.

The second is called 'one pig'. and is made out of, er..., a pig. it will take about a year to make.

And the third is called ' one club' and is made out of a club and everyone in it. it will be released early 2010.

Herbert's pig was recently born, so he has released more details of this project… and it’s a bit disturbing.

He plans to slaughter the pig during the project. The pig will then be prepared for a feast, and the bones will be converted into a woodwind instrument – enabling Herbert to continue to make sounds using the pig even after death. He also mentions on his 'pig blog' that there may be a pair of shoes and a drum from its skin, and a toothbrush from its bristles.

Herbert is the past has sampled human hair, skin and organs for this 2001 album Bodily Functions, and also sampled sounds from food production for his album Plat du Jour - so this project is nothing out of the ordinary for this experimental sound artist.

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Steve Calcutt said...

I'm making the pig drum follow it's riveting progress at this place:

Emily said...

Thanks for the update Steve! I'll keep checking your blog to see the drum's progress.
- Emily

Steve Calcutt said...

Well the drum was made and i personally delivered it ...travelled down to the 'pig feast' at Clerkenwell Kitchens ...Henry Dagg had made a organ that made sounds through reeds as they were plunged into tubes of pig blood ....I enthusiasicaly played this macarbe instrument that sounded like many punch's (as in punch n judy) gradually being drowned....I as a drummer played it like a drum and literaly made a bloody mess as this was not the right technique, blood splattering the walls and's art isn't it?!!... playing a waltz! egged on by a French documentARy crew... rock n roll! ....anyway the drum and its role in the new album has yet to materrialise ... shouod be out soon better be good!

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