Friday, 20 February 2009

NEW VIDEO: Kid Cudi - Day n Night

With some help from So-Me (see earlier post on his collab with Justice & Coca-Cola), Kid Cudi has released this video for his single 'Day n Night'

It reminds me of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas...

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How to be front of mind with youth

Want your brand to be front of mind with youth?

It seems like music is the way to go...

Check out this fascinating post from Ruby Pseudo. It's amazing to see just how music shapes people's lives (particularly youth) - from the clothes you wear, to the people you hang out with, and even the brands that are top of mind!

The study aimed to see what brands were most easily recalled by American youth. 19 kids were asked off the cuff to name some brands, and they came up with 95 brand names which can be split into four different categories (check out the links for more info on these brands' musical collaborations):

1. Genuine music-aligned brands (Apple, Bose, Yamaha etc)

2. Music-involved Brands (Converse, Sean John, Nike etc)
Brands who have actively engaged in music, such as the Converse collaboration with Santogold, Pharrel and Julian Casablancas. Or brands who are so will linked with a specific culture that it's existence within that particular music scene is almost a necessity.

3. Music-associated Brands (Marc Jacobs, Levis, Louis Vuitton), and Coca Cola.
Brands that have engaged in a minor linking with music, or have are intrinsically linked to music psychologically.

4. 'Random Brands'

I wonder if kids who would align themselves to a particular genre of music would be more likely to name a particular brand? (ie. the brands who have also been active in that genre)
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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Justice do coke

Is there nothing Justice can't do? Or won't sell out for?

In conjunction with SoMe (who does Ed Banger’s label cover art and made Justice's clip for D.A.N.C.E), the team have designed a Coca-Cola bottle for the Club Coke 09 project - an initiative to team up Coke and dance music, where the bottles are made exclusively available to some of the best clubs around the world.

The bottle was launched at a VIP event in France last week.

It's red, with “Do the Dance by Justice and So-Me” on the label, and at night it glows in the dark.


Nice gimmick.

Check out the promo video below.

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