Thursday, 5 March 2009

Freeview - what are you going to get?

Freeview was heralded as the solution for Australians wanting "more channels and more choice". And, months and months and months later, Australians are still waiting to see exactly what it is we're going to get!

Two of my brilliant friends, Dan Ilic and Marc Fennell, created this video about Freeview.

It has been spreading throughout 'media-land' today (I think the view count has jumped by around 1000 in the last hour!), but if you haven't yet seen it - check it out below.

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Right Music Wrongs with Virgin Mobile

This is a great site from Virgin Mobile.

It fits their brand perfectly and ticks all the youth marketing buzz words:
- Irreverence (tick)
- Music (tick)
- Interactivity (tick)
- Humour (tick)

It centres around the 'Vanilla Ice Says Sorry' video - which contains spliced footage from the Vanilla Ice VH1 doco from a few years ago.

As part of the site, you can read the case for why Vanilla Ice is guilty or innocent of creating a music 'wrong' :
FOR: He wrote 'Ice Ice Baby' when he was just 16. And 20 years on it's still the biggest selling Rap record of all time
AGAINST: He wrote one song (and that beat was allegedly borrowed from someone with real talent)

Read the Virgin Mobile Right Music Wrongs Manifesto below:

You can also vote for what you think is the worst thing to happen to music. I personally don't think it is Vanilla Ice. I've been guilty of singing along (and I recently discovered that I subconsciously know all the words to the first 60 seconds or so...)
At the moment, Milli Vanilli is winning, with The Hoff not far behind.

You can vote yourself here and also report your own music wrong... look out Eiffel65 ("I'm blue da ba dee da be dee") and Aqua's Barbie Girl!

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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Scientific proof: People who listen to Kanye are smarter than Jay-Z fans

A 25 year old student named Virgil Griffith recently did a study of SAT scores, and compared them to the bands people listen to to find out whether the music you like influences how smart you are (or vice versa).

Virgil used Facebook to find out the favourite bands / artists of students from various US colleges, and then plotted them against the average SAT scores at those schools.

According to the study, smart kids listen to Sufjan Stevens, Counting Crows, Radiohead and U2. But if you listen to Lil Wayne, Beyonce or T.I it's likely that you're not going to do so well on your end of year exams (And, for some reason, people who listen to Kanye are smarter than Jay-Z fans!)

Pitchfork make the point that the chart actually points out how "Eurocentric the SATs are, with the whole chart practically cleaved in half between black and white artists", and also notes that quite often people try to out-obscure each other when listing their interests on a social network site - and an artist like Sufjan quite nicely crosses the border between mainstream and obscurity.

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Is Coolio the new Moses?

Moses can part the ocean... and Coolio can part a crowd.

At a recent gig held at Staffordshire University in the UK, 45 year old Coolio attempted a stage dive.

I have a small soft spot for Coolio, only because 'Rolling with the Homies' featured in Clueless. But I may be alone. The audience parted as he jumped, letting Coolio crash to the floor. And while down, the crowd snatched his jewellery, bandana and shoes before the rapper was rescued by uni security (possibly this guy below!!).

Image: Staffordshire Uni Student Union
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