Thursday, 2 April 2009

Trent Reznor (NIN) Releases New Album

If you're a fan of Nine Inch Nails, this tweet from frontman Trent Reznor will have you excited:

The album, titled Strobelight, is produced by Timbaland and features tracks such as:
- Everybody's Doing It (featuring Jay-Z, Chris Martin AND Bono)
- Pussygrinder (featuring Sheryl Crow)
- Clap Trap Crack Slap
and an intro & outro skit!


This is a great way to create viral promotion for the band. I haven't seen too many other April Fools jokes today (other than the upside down YouTube), so this one is currently the best April Fools of 2009 for me!

Download your copy of Strobelight now. "Your credit card will be charged $18.98 plus a $10 digital delivery convenience fee. Your files will arrive as windows media files playable on quite a few players with your name embedded all over them just in case you lose them. You will also receive an exclusive photo and a free email account with our partner Google's Gmail service."
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