Thursday, 30 April 2009

Be a part of Modular's The Groop

Modular Records have started up a new project called ‘The Groop’, and they’re looking for young creative types in Sydney to be a part of it.

The Groop will be made up of 14 successful applicants who will be given an opportunity to contribute to the creative strategy of Modular Ideas.

Of course, as with anything that sounds amazing, there are a few catches.

You have to commit to one evening per week for 16 weeks. You won’t get paid for your time or ideas. And there’s no guarantee that you will end up with a full time gig at Modular… but you will get a load of Modular freebies and some good experience.

If you’re keen to apply, check it out here.
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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

De La Soul jumps on the A-Trak train

In mid-2009 A-Trak teamed up with Nike to create a mix to help people to 'keep on running'.

And now, hip hop group De La Soul are joining them, releasing their first new album in five years on iTunes, in partnership with Nike.

The album, "Are You In", was released as a single 45 minute track (with 8 - 9 songs) on iTunes yesterday. It's designed to play as a workout soundtrack, produced by Flosstradamus, and then tested on a team of Nike 'runners'. (What a job, right? Exercising and listening to music as a career?!!)

De La Soul are in Australia right now, and kick off their Aussie tour tomorrow at The Espy in Melbourne with Cut Chemist.
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Hot Chip gives to charity

Too many people believe that helping a charity or not-for-profit organisation involves giving money. And with the fear surrounding the GFC, and the accompanying reduction in job security, giving to charities is generally the first thing that is scrapped from a personal budget.

But there are other ways to help worthwhile organisations, and Al Doyle from Hot Chip has shown how it can be done. Together with the Crisis Centre in the UK, Hot Chip have recorded a new video starring people who have experienced homelessness. Al took time out from recording the new Hot Chip album to direct this version of 'Over and Over' (the original was directed by Nima Nourizadeh).

The video launches the Crisis Hidden gigs campaign - a series of gigs which will take place in London throughout May and June in intimate, unusual spaces. As part of this campaign, Hot Chip will perform on 5th May in London - but will not announce the venue to ticket holders until 24 hours before the gig, in an effort to highlight the growing issue of 'hidden homelessness'. According to Crisis: "by withholding details of the venues until the day before, Crisis wants people to understand the precarious nature of hidden homelessness – often moving from place to place, and often not knowing where you may end up each night."

I can't think of many young people who would happily pay to experience an element of homelessness for a night. Or who would willingly hand over $60 to a charity (the cost of a Hot Chip hidden gig ticket). But by giving them an experience to make them think, along with a return for their money, I'm sure this campaign will successfully raise awareness of this issue, as well as a decent amount of cash for Crisis.

For more info and to buy tickets (if you're in the UK) go to
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Quitting in style

Can't stand to write another boring resignation letter, and searching for a more creative way to quit your job?

Try making a game to get the message across.

Farbs quit his job by creating a mini Super Mario game - and on each level a new part of his resignation letter is communicated.

Check out it's awesomeness here (and play to the end for Daft Punk's 'One More Time').

Thanks to @djgoodwill for the heads up
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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

If you love unicorns...

Everyone loves unicorns (Especially Julian Cole @ Adspace Pioneers, and Neha from Movestill - who particularly favours Jean-Luc's artworks!).

If you can't get enough of this mystical craziness and glitter insanity, then Cornify lets unicorn and rainbow lovers cover websites in the things!

Someone today even Cornified ESPN...

When loading up the ESPN NBA page, you type in a code (UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A then hold down enter) to CORNIFY IT!

You could go from this:

to this:

Amazingly ridiculous.
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Monday, 27 April 2009

New Video : Catcall - Bad Move Baby

A new video today from Sydney hottie Catcall for her track with Mailer Daemon 'Bad Move Baby'.

Cat kicked off her musical career back in 2004 as part of indie act Kiosk, before starting solo projects, setting up her own record label (Instant Touch Recordings), and touring the US. Her debut album is out this year. And she's one helluva nice chick.

Courtney D has produced this one (she also worked on Kiosk's 'Validator' clip):

CATCALL: Bad Move Baby Official Music Video from courtney d on Vimeo.
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