Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Want $50k from FBi Radio? Just ASK RICHARD

FBi Radio needs your help.

In the current economic climate, it's not easy for a community radio station to stay afloat - and FBi is really struggling to make ends meet.

So, they've come up with solution...
Ask Richard Branson for a million dollars!

Richard is the 236th richest person in the world.
Surely he has a few dollars to spare for an organisation which is integral to the support of music, arts and culture in Sydney.

The thing is, they won't ask him themselves... that would be rude.
They want YOU to ask Richard for them. And if you can get Mr Branson to pony up the cash, they'll give you $50k of it! (But be careful - he's currently on a hunger strike for Darfur so he's probably a bit grumpy)

You can make a video, form a flash mob, write it in the sky, or do like their first entrant did and update Branson's wikipedia page with an FBi fact!

Let's hope that this campaign gets Branson to donate the money - or enough press for another organisation to come on board as FBi's savior if Virgin won't do it (hint hint to all Virgin competitors)!

Head to askrichard.com for all the details (and for some brilliant photos of the man himself).

UPDATE: check out the video below on FBi's ASK RICHARD campaign from Fairfax journalist (and ex-FBi volunteer) Dan Ilic
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Monday, 11 May 2009

How would you describe Sydney?

Creative Sydney wants to know how you would describe the emerald city within three minutes.

And they've enlisted Australia's most popular YouTuber, Nat Tran, to provide some inspiration for your own Three Minute Sydney.

ps. if you haven't yet registered for the FREE Creative Sydney events, from May 27 - June 12, do it now before they fill up.
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