Wednesday, 24 June 2009

NEW VIDEO: Ciara + Missy = HOT

OMG - how hot is this new clip from Ciara and Missy Elliott?

Ciara's dancing is off the chain!

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Did Ask Richard fail?

During a visit to a Sydney media agency this week, one of the girls working there mentioned to me that she thought FBi's 'Ask Richard' campaign was a failure.

When asked why, her reply was: “Well, Richard Branson didn’t give them the million dollars. And really, as if he was ever going to”.

It is true that Branson did not give FBi a million dollars. But he did provide some sh*t hot prizes to give away during their supporter drive, as well as the support of Virgin Management to ensure that FBi can eventually reach their million dollar goal. The campaign generated a huge amount of media exposure for FBi's situation and it got audiences involved. Plus, more importantly, when Branson called the station on Monday last week, he gave the FBi listeners and the young Sydney creatives something to think about… Only THEY (read YOU) can save the station. It simply isn’t up to a billionaire to pull a community organisation out of trouble. It is up to the community themselves!

FBi is now running a supporter drive off the back of their Ask Richard campaign, and it seems to be doing well. While listening to FBi over the weekend, there were a huge number of names being read out as new station supporters.

If Richard Branson, and the Ask Richard campaign, inspires even a small percentage of FBi listeners to sign up as supporters, or donate to the cause, then the campaign will have been a success.

In the words of Nick Cave: “FBi, one of Sydney’s only independent stations, a station that champions local music, arts and culture is crucial to the cultural fabric of the city. It must be saved.”

Don't be one of the thousands of FBi listeners who think someone else will save the station. Get in touch with FBi today, and pledge your support. With 219,000 listeners - it would only take $4.50 from each listener to get FBi to their million dollar target!

It is naive to measure this particular campaign on just one objective. While it would have been incredible to get the million, the more important objectives for FBi (in the long term) would have included media exposure, and an increase in supporters... and I'm pretty sure that you'll find 'Ask Richard' ticked both of those boxes.

ps. read what Sir Richard has to say about it on his blog here
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Beat Vicksing

Have you ever played the 'slogan' game after a big night out?

It involves selecting brands, and coming up with the cheesiest tag line possible for that brand's (hypothetical) advertising campaign. Last time I played, my brand was Vicks, and my brilliant 4am tagline was "get vicksenated" (ok, ok... i know it was rubbish!)

While I thought I had come up with the worst campaign possible for Vicks, could their creative agency have beat me with the new Vicks Beatbox campaign?!

The campaign features Australia's first beatbox choir, who work together with clasically trained singers in an attempt to communicate the benefits of Vicks Vapodrops.

The idea is interesting... but is this a great example of musical collaboration in a campaign which really expresses how Vicks Vapodrops "soothe the throat and clear the nose", or is it just a daggy brand trying to tap into a seemingly 'cool' subculture? Vicks are no stranger to sound, having used the Umbilical Brothers in their late 90s advertising, so maybe the beatboxing is a nice nod to previous sound-based campaigns?

Or should Vicks have just gone with my tagline instead?!
(and does anyone else think the first beatboxer looks a tiny bit like Michael Cera from Arrested Development?!!)

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