Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Want your own Guinness World Record?

You may love music, but do you think you have the stamina and determination to claim the World Record for the most gigs attended in a week?

Ted Baker, the London fashion label, has created the Gig Race - the ultimate music challenge - to promote its new clothing range. And this has got to be one of the greatest branded music-related contests for 2009!

Entrants have two weeks to attend as many gigs as humanly possible, whilst blogging and twittering about their experience as they go.

The Gig Race Champion will win £1,000 (just over AUD$2000) of Ted Baker gear, plus tickets to the sold out Bestival festival - with Kraftwerk, Massive Attack, Lily Allen and Fleet Foxes.

The simplicity behind this idea is great - there is already a huge audience of people who love going to gigs, who don't mind shelling out their own money for concerts, and who twitter about their experiences when out. Ted Baker is utilising something their audience is already doing to make it easy for them to promote a brand.

Ted Baker has also managed to find a way to link their brand in with music in a credible way - by having consumers do it for them! Every tweet and blog post that goes out in relation to this competition will include a mention of both a gig and Ted Baker, and these mentions are coming directly from their target demographic.

Plus, given that people who love going to gigs are generally social people - this idea will see Ted Baker promoted through their audiences' existing social networks online, and well as in the 'real world'.

Up to the challenge, or just want to check it out for yourself? Hit up the Ted Baker website.
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