Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sony takes over an Icelandic town to make Soundville

Sony have recently released a short film called Soundville.

It documents 3 days in the life of an Icelandic town, which has been transformed into a giant speaker system. The project was the brainchild of Juan Cabral (who was behind Sony Bravia's coloured balls ad).

The aim was to create a pure sound experience, so they set up speakers all around the town which could be controlled wirelessly. They shot the piece in late winter (March 2009), when just 400 people live in this town. The guys that make the Sigur Ros concerts in Iceland helped to set up a 20 foot tower full of speakers which was placed in the centre of town, and a whole lot of music was composed specifically for the project – including some tracks from Richard Fearless of Death in Vegas.

From all reports, the residents of the town were fine with 3 days of almost non-stop music... the local production company managed to get the mayor of the town to sign off on it, and everyone in the village to accept it.

Check out Soundville below.

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Happy Birthday Sesame Street

Long before musicians looked to Apple commercials to push their tracks, Sesame Street attracted some of the biggest names in music. And this week, the show we all grew up with celebrated it's 40th birthday.

To celebrate, Rolling Stone collected 40 of the best musical performances that the show has seen... which include a bunch of stars who visited the show in the 70s – Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder singing ‘Superstition’, Paul Simon doing ‘Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard’, and Michael Jackson in a Christmas Special.

Personally, I think the older performances are the best - but more recent artists that made the list included REM singing ‘Furry Happy Monsters’ in 2000, and Feist’s performance of 1,2,3,4 last year. Check out the Rolling Stone list here, or watch some of the performances below.

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