Thursday, 3 December 2009

Three Reasons to Love Snoop Dogg

1. Snoop doesn't do things by halves

Snoop is releasing a new album later this month. Titled Malice N Wonderland the rapper isn't going to take the boring route and push it through advertising, social media and touring. Instead, Snoop has decided to call in some favours from friends including Soulja Boy, Jamie Foxx, Diplo and Xzibit to promote the release via a short film.

The plot sees Snoop starring as ‘Malice’ – a superhero who tries to overthrow the dictator of Wonderland. The trailer is filled with T&A, blood, guns and tunes.. you can check it out below, but we have to wait until early 2010 to view the Snoop's project in full.

2. Everyone wants a piece of Snoop

While we’re waiting for Snoop’s new album, something else to get excited about is the collaboration he is doing with Damon Albarn.

Albarn has just released the full list of collaborators on the new Gorillaz LP “Plastic Beach”. Not only is he Snoop going to feature, but also appearing on the album are Lou Reed, Barry Gibb, Bobby Womack, Mos Def and The Horrors (who will also out here soon for BDO)

3. Snoop can do ANYTHING

Snoop has done music, he’s made films, he’s a producer, a sports coach, and he popularized the suffix ‘izzle…

And for someone with so much talent and experience, you’d think it would be hard to find him a new project. But here’s one – Snoop is the newest voice for TomTom’s navigation system.

Snoop says he wanted to get involved because he was sick of “that boring ass lady” and he wanted to add some flavor to the GPS.

His directions include: “Keep left ahead, and you’ll be bona fide”, "Turn around when possible and keep it 'G', ya d-i-g?" and “Come on man, let’s get this thing cranked up,” You can also download a points of interest file that contains some of the Snoops favorite LA spots.

Nick Adler, Brand Manager for Snoop's Stampede Management, said, "Celebrity voices for GPS are a hot new content category. Snoop is the first real megastar to lend his voice to GPS navigation. As Snoop is a trendsetter, he just had to have his voice tell us all where to go!"

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NEW VIDEO: The Killers support (RED) at Christmas... with Luke Perry

1st December was World AIDS day. And Bono's (RED) charity is just one of the organisations that raises money and awareness around this cause - in part through music.

(RED) has been helped for the past four years by the Killers, via their annual Christmas songs.

In 2006 & 2007 the Killers created original Christmas jingles - including "A Great Big Sled" and "Don't Shoot Me Santa". Last year, they collaborated with Elton John and Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys).

This year sees another collaboration, as the Killers team up with Wild Light (who they toured with earlier this year) and Mariachi El Bronx to create a track called Happy Birthday Gualalupe... which features everyone’s favourite boy from Beverly Hills – Luke Perry! Buy the song on iTunes or Amazon and all proceeds go to the Global Fund.

Check it out here:
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