Monday, 9 August 2010

Bonds brings back Ratcat with a nod to AC/DC

Bonds has brought back one of the biggest Aussie bands from the early 90s, Ratcat, with some more 90s music nostalgia in advertising.

Their latest ad, for Tube Bra, sees a girl band recreating Ratcat's "That Aint Bad", and even includes a cameo from Simon Day himself. In a nod to another seminal Aussie band, the performance on the back of a flatbed truck resembles AC/DC's 1976 music video for Long Way To The Top (note that Simon Day is even wearing a similar black & red striped top to Bon Scott).

Check it out here:

And the Ratcat original:
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1 comment:

Kelly Bainbridge said...

Pretty sure that's Simon's daughter there on the left.

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