Thursday, 12 August 2010

Free Icecream on Katy Perry Day

Towards the end of this month, Katy Perry is releasing her new album.

While this doesn’t excite me from a musical perspective, what DOES excite me is that EMI and Baskin Robbins have teamed up to celebrate the release with a day of free ice cream.

Baskin Robbins announced this week that Friday August 27 is Katy Perry Day, and if you go into one of their stores and mention Katy Perry’s name, you will receive a free cotton candy flavoured ice cream on the day.

Katy Perry fan or not, everyone loves free desert!
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Lee Harth said...

I know her music is very Pop orientated but you got to love Katy she gives it 100 per cent.ToShare an ice cream with Katy would'nt be bad

BondiBen said...

ok so it's only Katie Perry - But if you like that then you might want to see her on Sesame Street. Well cool.

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