Thursday, 4 February 2010

Gillette creates short docos featuring musicians

Gillette has decided that music is the way to go to promote their razors in the US. So they’ve called on, country star Tim McGraw, Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 and the All American Rejects to be a part of their latest campaign called "Gillette Uncut".

The campaign features a series of short docos which showcase the artists backstage and their pre-show rituals (and I’m assuming some of those rituals will include a quick shave, or some kind of Gillette product placement).

In addition to this content, Gillette will create shaving tutorials featuring each artist – titled ‘Shave Like A Rock Star’ – which will run on their website.

They've also obviously put thought into their artist selection - having artists from a range of genres, to create something for everyone. While most razors in the past have taken the masculine, sports stars and fast cars approach, it's good to see Gillette trying something different. Shaving in itself is quite a boring ritual, so spicing it up with other pre-show rituals is a good angle. Plus fans always enjoy a glimpse into the lives of their musical mentors.
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General Pants launches a record label

General Pants is branching out... to set up a singles only record label.

Called Major Label, artists on it will retain copyright, creative control and will receive all royalty income from sales.

To get this label up and running, General Pants will be asking their 700 staff around Australia to act as A&R Reps, street teams and publicists. If staff find an Aussie act they think is "worthy" of being released on Major Label, they can upload tracks to Major Label’s blog, and each month 3 singles will be chosen. The singles will be streamed on General Pants’ website and be made available to purchase through online retailers.

The campaign launches March 1. So if you get a 16 year old asking for your demo because they work for a record label... they might be telling the truth.

It's a great way to encourage staff retention. I'm sure that the majority of Gen Pants staffers also see themselves as wanna-be DJs, rockstars or music industry heroes. But there's no word yet on who will get final say on which 3 singles are going to be released each month. As it's a Peer Group initiative, I'm assuming that they will have a hand in the track selections, as they are also managing the artist liaison.
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