Thursday, 25 March 2010

CHATROULETTE: Ben Folds and Merton

If you have only heard media reports about Chatroulette, then you may think that it is just a place for old men to show their naughty bits, and for exhibitionists to get their clothes off in front of a web cam… but a few musicians recently have shown why Chatroulette can be great.

A few weeks back, Ro Sham Bo streamed their Sunset show live on Chatroulette... which was the first I'd heard of people using Chatroulette to simulcast a show or performance.

Following this, an improv pianist called only "Merton" (who is currently requesting to remain anonymous), connected with people all around the world, and played them songs based on what they were wearing or doing while in front of him… in a style quite similar to Ben Folds:

Ben Folds saw the Merton video, and created a piece called “Ode to Merton” – which was performed during a live concert and broadcast on Chatroulette with the entire audience cheering in the background!

Amazing. Can you imagine being one of the people lucky enough to stumble across Ben Folds on Chatroulette?!
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