Thursday, 1 July 2010

Engaging youth with free sh*t and hidden parties

The mapping and business location service, Where Is, ran their second “Where Is The Party” party on the weekend, turning a furniture warehouse in Waterloo into a party venue – with guests being asked to dress in black before being covered in coloured chalk dust.

To get there, clues were given out the party and its location via social media and texts in the lead up.

The company that owns Where Is, Sensis, was also behind the Yellow Pages hidden pizza campaign – where a hidden venue in Melbourne was giving out free pizzas, but you had to find them first via the phone directory.

I like the thinking behind their campaign. Making people feel as though they are 'in the know' via a promotion is a nice way of creating talk, particularly if you've created a party or event that is a bit different (check out the coverage "Where Is The Party" has received on Sydney Alter Ego, Social Diary, and Oyster. And the great photos on Hobogestapo- including the below.

Rumour has it that another hidden free food venue is coming to Sydney soon... stay tuned.
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