Thursday, 2 September 2010

Personalising music videos - Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire are doing some fantastic work with online music videos and video streaming, and their latest project is absolutely no exception.

The band’s latest video from "THE SUBURBS", which can be found at thewildernessdowntown, gives you a personalised video, enabling you to reminice about the suburb in which you grew up to the soundtrack of Arcade Fire.

The video works by pulling both map and Google Street view data from an address which you plug into the Wilderness Downtown website. It was designed to work with the new Google Chrome, and gives you layers of video which pop up all over your screen. The browser senses how large your display is, and uses the full area available.

There is a bit of a push at the moment to use the “google toolbox” to pull together all the different google tools, and create new inventive pieces of online content. It will be interesting to see whether all of this leads Google being well known (and used) as much more than just a search engine and information service.

Check out a video of the content here... but make sure you jump online and create your own.

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