Thursday, 25 August 2011

BRANDS AND BANDS: Madonna & Smirnoff

Last year, Smirnoff launched a campaign called the Nightlife Exchange Project where cities around the world swapped nightlife to throw a huge Smirnoff sponsored cross-cultural party.

The next event will take place this year on November 12, and will again involve 18 countries swapping nightlife. But this year, they've got Madonna on board.

The vodka brand has paired up with Madonna to hold a dance contest in which she will select the best dancer from 50 countries (in which Smirnoff are running this promotion) to join her on her next tour.

Madonna will be sure to bring in a large number of dancer entries, due to her wide appeal, and the reputation she has for big-scale stage shows. But she is an interesting choice for a campaign which looks to be targeting 18 - 24 year olds... is Madonna too old for this demographic? She had already released Like a Virgin (1984), True Blue (1986), Like a Prayer (1989) and Erotica (1992) before 18 year olds today were even born! Or will the Smirnoff customers latch on to her 'vintage' appeal and embrace her - like Virgin Mobile customers did with Vanilla Ice a few years back?

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stu said...

i bet i can name all the madonna albums in sequential order.

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