Friday, 20 May 2011

Morgan Spurlock makes a brand funded film, about brand funding

Check out the trailer below for "POM Wonderful presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold".

It's the latest from Morgan Spurlock, in which he investigates brand funding in entertainment, by creating a 100% brand funded documentary.

As someone who works in branded entertainment, this concept really interests me. It is so often that brands want to be integrated into your content, but they want it to look seamless, natural, and believable. By offering brands sponsorship of a film about brand funded content, you know that the integration isn't going to be hidden - it is the very reason the documentary is being made!

But will Morgan Spurlock be able to unlock any hidden secrets behind product placement, or will he just be highlighting what we already know - that advertising is no longer contained to 30 second spots... it is now contained within, or sitting around, almost every piece of content we consume.
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