Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ruby Rose & JVC launch The Bustival

You may have thought that the biggest news in Australian music yesterday was Silverchair’s hibernation... but did you hear that Ruby Rose and JVC are announcing a partnership (Exciting, right?!)

As part of this deal, you’ll see Ruby Rose appearing in a JVC advertising campaign over the next few months, but the main element of this partnership is that JVC are creating a "Bustival". It's a one day, portable event on a bus, which will travel to various destinations in Sydney and featuring Ruby Rose as a DJ.

In an attempt to increase audience interaction, they are inviting music fans (and Ruby Rose's followers) to co-create the experience – from the music Ruby plays to the destinations the festival visits.

While they are calling it a pop-up music festival, there is no mentions of acts other than Ruby Rose – and I’m not sure that one DJ makes a festival. So maybe we'll see other bands and DJs announced in the coming weeks.

Lots of brands play in the music space, and do it quite well. From Becks (Sydney Festival Bar), to Smirnoff (Experience and Nightlife Exchange), to Converse (artist collaborations for their TVCs), and Adidas (with multiple artists appearing in their House Party ads) to name just a few.

Then there are others who 'give it a go' by creating loose concepts based around a live music experience, bring a personality or musician on board, and cover it in branding in an attempt to look like they are 'edgy', 'cool', 'in touch with youth' and/or supporting the local music scene. They may even create a logo for the campaign that has a 'street art' edge (see above).

While JVC haven't yet launched all the details of their Bustival - it is sounding a bit to me like a brand who is desperately trying to play with the cool kids.

If you want to find out more, check out the Bustival page here.
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