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Thursday, 12 April 2012

SNOOP: The Smokable Songbook

Snoop is never one to market things in a traditional way, which is why he is a favourite of mine when looking at how brands & bands work together.

He is well known as a fan of smoking - with his own Snoop Dogg Master Kush marijuana, a line of cigars called ‘Executive Class’, and now a line of Kingsize rolling papers. And in true Snoop style, rather than just release an ad for his papers, he has now released the Snoop Dogg Smokable Songbook.

Each perforated page of the book is a king size rolling paper itself, and each page also has Snoop song lyrics printed on it in non-toxic ink (to keep you healthy!). Plus, the spine is like the side of a matchbox, so that you can strike a match on it.

Snoop is also looking to sample the papers at this year’s Coachella festival – through pole posters which will have the rolling papers as detachable tabs.

Rolling Words: Snoop Dogg's Smokable Book from Projeto Winner on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Pepsi Max has used Snoop Dogg in their most recent campaign.
But it's not just an appearance... in true Pepsi style, Snoop performs the 'jingle' within the spot.

My favourite thing about Pepsi endorsement ads featuring musicians are that they have nearly always used the artist's own music, rather than just the artist's image. The music will then have the lyrics tailored for the campaign (Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" was turned into "You're the Pepsi generation, guzzle down and taste the thrill of the day, and feel the Pepsi way"). It's cheesy, but it works.

Check it out here:

And a few other Pepsi ads featuring musicians below...


Bob Dylan &

Michael Jackson

David Bowie & Tina Turner

Rod Steward & Tine Turner

Mary J Blige

Justin Timberlake (this one was for a Pepsi competition, rather than just being a brand spot... so it doesn't quite match the same Pepsi formula. It does use JT's music, but doesn't really incorporate it lyrically in the same way)
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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Three Reasons to Love Snoop Dogg

1. Snoop doesn't do things by halves

Snoop is releasing a new album later this month. Titled Malice N Wonderland the rapper isn't going to take the boring route and push it through advertising, social media and touring. Instead, Snoop has decided to call in some favours from friends including Soulja Boy, Jamie Foxx, Diplo and Xzibit to promote the release via a short film.

The plot sees Snoop starring as ‘Malice’ – a superhero who tries to overthrow the dictator of Wonderland. The trailer is filled with T&A, blood, guns and tunes.. you can check it out below, but we have to wait until early 2010 to view the Snoop's project in full.

2. Everyone wants a piece of Snoop

While we’re waiting for Snoop’s new album, something else to get excited about is the collaboration he is doing with Damon Albarn.

Albarn has just released the full list of collaborators on the new Gorillaz LP “Plastic Beach”. Not only is he Snoop going to feature, but also appearing on the album are Lou Reed, Barry Gibb, Bobby Womack, Mos Def and The Horrors (who will also out here soon for BDO)

3. Snoop can do ANYTHING

Snoop has done music, he’s made films, he’s a producer, a sports coach, and he popularized the suffix ‘izzle…

And for someone with so much talent and experience, you’d think it would be hard to find him a new project. But here’s one – Snoop is the newest voice for TomTom’s navigation system.

Snoop says he wanted to get involved because he was sick of “that boring ass lady” and he wanted to add some flavor to the GPS.

His directions include: “Keep left ahead, and you’ll be bona fide”, "Turn around when possible and keep it 'G', ya d-i-g?" and “Come on man, let’s get this thing cranked up,” You can also download a points of interest file that contains some of the Snoops favorite LA spots.

Nick Adler, Brand Manager for Snoop's Stampede Management, said, "Celebrity voices for GPS are a hot new content category. Snoop is the first real megastar to lend his voice to GPS navigation. As Snoop is a trendsetter, he just had to have his voice tell us all where to go!"

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Friday, 31 October 2008

Drop It Like It's Hot

OMG favourite Snoop Dogg hit the Australian shores this week for his tour.

But no Snoop appearance would be complete without a big party - and Arnette sunglasses put it on for him last night at Sydney nightclub Nevermind.

Never has there been such hysteria at the arrival of an artist to a club! Snoop rolled up with his entourage (which included two of the biggest guys I have EVER seen), and on-cue with the DJ's announcement that Snoop was in the house, an entire room of girls in sky-high heels, and some very laid-back-looking guys suddenly lost their shit.

Snoop posed for photos as he walked in, wearing a hooded tracksuit, before being ushered to his roped-off booth, with icebuckets full of vodka and young girls in maid / nurse uniforms wearing Arnettes.

Spot the Snoop

I'm not sure who the DJ on the night was... but you'd think that if you were playing at a Snoop Dogg attended party, you'd try to vary your set, so that you weren't playing half an hour of Snoop hits back-to-back.

An interesting branding night for Arnette. Snoop is a huge name at the moment, and with the amount of publicity surrounding his entry to Australia, he's a good name to have on board from a media perspective. The uniformed girls gave out pairs of the new sunglasses range to everyone in Snoop's booth, and they had a mugshot wall where you could have your photo taken while wearing a loaned pair of Arnettes. The drinks were good, and the club was packed (But I'm guessing that the Arnette staff would have enjoyed the night more if Snoop hadn't made their Marketing Manager leave the night half way through to get him a bucket of KFC!). It's often hard to get people out to a product launch event, but with the lure of Snoop Dogg it's a hard invite to refuse - whether you're a fan or not.
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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Music loves fashion

Janet Jackson's name is not synonymous with quality underwear after her superbowl malfunction, which is why I was surprised to hear that she is launching her own line of lingerie.

Snoop Dogg is also unveiling a line of clothing in Vegas this week. Called 'Rich & Infamous'.
The site info reads:
"It's a fraternity of sorts... from presidents to gangsters, few men have been able to endure the burden of gaining wealth at any cost."
Check out a video of the collection here.

Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes is also working on a line of men's suits which will be sold through the Confederacy store in LA. Hammond says: “I want to make suits that I’m going to have for myself. They’re for the person who needs his one suit for a wedding. He’d rather get something like this than go to Men’s Wearhouse, pay the same amount, and look like an out-of-date parent.”
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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Snoop's entourage saves the day

Two members of Snoop Dogg's entourage were arrested over the weekend in Texas, after the rapper's tour bus was pulled over.

Police alleged that they smelled marijuana on stopping the bus, and proceeded to search the vehicle. Marijuana...? Snoop Dogg...? Surprised...?! I think I'd be more surprised if they didn't find marijuana on Snoop's bus.

Reportedly the search turned up a couple of ounces of weed, and two of Snoop's crew were taken to a nearby jail after admitting ownership.

Snoop was allowed to continue on his trip, and performed over the weekend in Dallas.

Of course none of the weed belonged to Snoop. With tracks such as My Medicine, Smokin' Smokin' Weed, and Lets Get Blown... all I can say is thank goodness for an entourage.

Check out the interview below on Snoop's role in the TV series 'Weeds', which includes insight into how he prepared for the shoot ("I stayed up all night watching Cheech and Chong"), whether the weed on the show is real, his fave munchie food, and his other names for weed.

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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Snoop does Bollywood & Country

Collaborations can be powerful.

Snoop Dogg, the multi-platinum Hip Hop and Rap artist, and self-proclaimed "Doggfather", is branching out into new genres of music with upcoming collaborations.

Snoop told MTV that he has "made so many records that were true to hip-hop, true to Snoop Dogg and true to the West Coast and gangsta rap in genre. Now it's time for me to make records that feel good to me and [to] venture out."

First up, is his foray into Bollywood, with his appearance on the theme song to the hit Indian film 'Singh Is Kinng'. It's a great fusion of Bollywood and Hip Hop. The film is set to open in August, and the music video should be out in the next few days.

Check out Akshay Kumar performing to the track at the International Indian Film Academy Awards in June.

So, Snoop's got Hip Hop covered, he's done Pop with Justin Timberlake (remember 'Signs'?), he's done Bollywood... now for his second attempt at Country, with the Johnny Cash Remix album.

Following Snoop's collaboration with Willie Nelson on 'My Medicine' (see mp3 link below), Snoop has put together his own remix of Cash's 'Walk The Line' for the album, which is due for release on October 14.

Pitchfork draws similarities between the two genres:
Country and rap have a lot in common: Both genres are dominated by outsized personalities often talking about getting/having/losing material possessions, and outlaws tend to thrive in both arenas.

For non-Snoop fans, the Johnny Cash Remix album also includes a Midnight Juggernaughts reworking of 'Port of Lonely Hearts'.

Snoop Dogg ft Willie Nelson - My Medicine
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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Halo is the new Cristal

Lil Wayne has had great success with his latest album, Tha Carter III, with it selling over 1.5 million copies in its first week in the US.
He now hopes to build on this success with a non-musical venture - releasing his own line of champagne.

He is calling the bubbles 'HALO', and managed to give the drink some subtle product placement in his new video for Lollipop.

Perhaps Halo could be the new champagne-of-choice for rappers?
There has been a gap since Frederic Rouzaud, the Managing Director of Cristal said in 2006 that he didn't like the association between his product and hip hop.

This led to Jay-Z (amongst others) boycotting the brand, with Snoop Dogg unable to perform Bo$$ Playa, because of the line "Where's the Cristal, you like to get wild".
“I tried substa-shizzling Krug,” a frustrated Snoop Dogg confided, “but it just don’t flow.”

Perhaps Halo isn't as easy to rhyme as Cristal... but it's got to be easier than Dom Perignon or Piper-Heidsieck.

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Monday, 17 March 2008

Divine Eurovision

Important news first off... this week is the last that Michaella Solar-March will be hosting breakfast on FBi Radio. After an amazing few years of 4am starts, Michaella is heading off to bigger and better things. This means that this week is the last OMG with Emily AND Michaella, after which time I will be having a short break too. Keep checking back to find out what is happening!

Sebastian Tellier is going to represent France at this year's Eurovision Song Contest!

Tellier will sing 'Divine' in Belgrade on May 24, and will be up against such talent as 'Dustin the Turkey Puppet' from Ireland, and Dima Bilan from Russia who is back for the second time (after placing second in 2006).

Check out the track here, thanks to The Putz Factory.

Mark Ronson has revealed that his early style influences came from his mother's wardrobe.

He has said that he used to raid his mum's wardrobe when he was younger "looking for flowery print shirts and psychedelic-looking overcoats".

Santogold performed at SXSW on Saturday afternoon.

The set included 'You'll Find A Way', followed by 'LES Artistes' and closed with 'Creator'.

Flanked by her two backing singers, she invited the crowd to name them:

“I need to think of a name for these girls. Would you guys message me on the MySpace with some suggestions for what they should be called?”

Want to get tickets to a festival, but don't have any money?

Well, if you're in Europe, here's a solution:

Sperm for Tickets is an Irish initiative to encourage more men to donate sperm. And they're offering festival tickets as enticement!

Anyone in Europe can get a donation pack, indicate which festival they'd like to attend, then send the containers back via a fast courier.

Nick Cave is getting busy.

He has begun working on a second screenplay, and is also planning to write a second novel.

Cave's first script was for 'The Proposition', and this second one will also be for The Proposition's director - John Hillcoat.

Cave said in an interview with XFM:

"I don't know when it'll get [filmed]. I keep getting asked to do these things but for one reason or another I've been kind of not doing them - but there are certainly things in the pipeline."

And especially for Michaella, to celebrate her last week on FBi, and because I know how much she LURVES Snoop Dogg:

The Comedy Central network announced last week that in 2008-2009 it will show a new animated comedy series featuring Snoop Dogg!
The show does not yet have a title, but it will feature the adventures of a young Snoop while growing up in Long Beach, and will be produced by the rapper too.

Comedy Central's Lauren Corrao said that the channel has been looking to do something with Snoop, as he is "one of those people who truly crosses over between music and comedy".

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Monday, 10 March 2008

It's been a while...

...since the last Snoop Dogg post.

But Snoop has just announced that he is going to be a part of one of the biggest events of the year: Wrestlemania XXIV!

Wrestlemania is being held in Orlando, Florida, at the end of March, and Snoop will be the guest-of-honour as the judge of an event titled "The BunnyMania Lumberjack Match", where two Playboy playmates will wrestle each other in a ring.

Back in May last year, it was being reported that Snoop was urged by a US wrestling star to give up music and become a professional fighter. He wasn't really into the idea however, with the source reporting: Snoop Dogg is cautious about appearing in the ring. He tells MTV, "I don't know. I mean, 'cause I ain't really with getting hit on. I'm with being one of them cool managers that's like, 'Y'all slap me, I'm calling in all of my goons and we gonna tear this muthaf**ker up.'

Other musical guests to have graced Wrestlemania in previous years include Run-DMC, Salt-n-Pepa and Limp Bizkit.

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